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Health: Thinning Hair

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― Thinning hair is a problem millions of women struggle with. There are all sorts of products sold to plump up limp hair and slow or potentially stop hair loss. But none of it worked for Judy, who had been losing her hair.

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“My hair was breaking easily, and it was falling out,” said Judy. So she volunteered to test something new, called the Revage Laser System. For four months, she’s sat once a week, for 30 minutes, under what looks like a hair dryer. Instead of hot air, this helmet exposes her scalp to low-level laser light. There’s no heat, no pain, and no downtime.

“About one-third of our patients are saying that they’re having less loss of hair, they’re having increased density of hair, and increased hair growth,” said Plastic Surgeon Steven Dayan.

Dr. Dayan believes the Revage Laser stimulates hair follicle cells and increases blood flow in the scalp, with no apparent side effects.

“It seems to work better for females, or women with thinning hair, than males who already have hair loss,” said Dr. Dayan.

In men, hair loss is usually genetic. For women, it’s not so well understood. But childbirth and hormones can play a part. Now low-level lasers, while not a miracle cure, may be a new solution. Judy is sold.

“The hair is fuller, shinier, stronger. Less hair falls out, like 90% on me,” said Judy.

Doctors in North Jersey are offering the treatment. Dr. Barry DiBernardo located in Montclair has the laser and can be reached at 973-509-2000. Dr. Joseph Cervone in West Orange also has the device and can be contacted by calling 1-866-837-8133.

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