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How Does Minoxidil Work and is there an alternative?

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Minoxidil (Regaine) is a slightly oily solution that is rubbed into the scalp twice a day, or as recommended by your dermatologist. In its oral or intravenous form, it is a potent anti-hypertensive medicine, used in emergencies to lower critical blood pressures. It was during this use that hair growth was noted in patients with hair loss. Its exact mechanism of action is unknown; most experts feel that it causes dilation of the blood vessels in the scalp and increased exposure of the hair follicle to this flow. It has been shown to work best on the top of the head and less well at the angles. Its predominant effect is to decrease loss and maintain existing growth.

We recommend the use of Vitastim and if necessary Biostim as well, in all cases for best results.

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