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Husbands ‘clueless’ on basic facts about their wives, poll finds such as real hair colour

Millions of men are clueless about what size clothes their wives wear, her favourite perfume and even what her natural hair colour is, a poll has found.

Researchers revealed while 6 out of 10 husbands believe they know their spouse inside out, the truth is they are in the dark about almost everything.

One in ten have no idea what their wife’s date of birth is, eight per cent don’t know their natural hair colour and 12 per cent don’t know their eye colour or natural hair colour.

One in three have absolutely no idea what her favourite perfume is.

The statistics emerged in a study of 2,000 men for The Perfume Shop. Spokeswoman Michelle D’vaz said: ”The results of this survey are actually quite shocking.

”The basic details like date of birth and natural hair colour are what you expect your partner to know about you, but it seems many men don’t.

And 80 per cent believe that if the tables were turned, women would know everything from eye colour, natural hair colour to the name of the aftershave their man wears.

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