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Kate Gosselin Finds Focus on Her Hair “Funny”


Kate Gosselin debuted yet another new hair ‘do Friday night in New York City.

The 34-year-old reality mom had her $7,000 wavy extensions trimmed down to a sleek, shoulder-length style for an outing to hotspot Butter.

See what stars look like with Kate’s spikes!

“We’ve been having so much fun,” Ted Gibson the stylist who put in the extensions tells of Gosselins newest look. “She’s at a point in her life where she’s doing a little experimenting. It’s nice on her.”

Gibson who has partnered with AOL for a 10-part video series to show women how to get celeb hair says Gosselin plans to gradually trim her extensions as her short hair grows out as part of a “transformation” into her new, single life. Her divorce from husband of 10 years, Jon, was finalized last December.

“For whoever might not like her for this or that I think it’s very courageous of her. Women need to be not just settling,” Gibson tells Us, “[but] moving on with their lives. If it’s not working, get out of it and do something!”

Is she ready to date again?

“I don’t think so,” Gibson tells Us. “She’s concentrating on her kids and her show. She has a lot of new things she’s working on at the moment. She’s adjusting to who she is, and it’s really, really great.”

Gibson jokes that Gosselin is “high maintenance” –”all women are high maintenance, especially if you have color-treated hair!”  but the new look is easy to maintain with touchups every five to six weeks.

He admits that he wasn’t a fan of her spiky ‘do, but it certainly made its mark.

“When I think about her previous hairdo, and how iconic it was, there hasn’t been anyone who had an iconic hair cut since the Rachel,” Gibson says, referring to Jennifer Aniston’s Friends look. “No one has really talked about hair quite like that.”

What does Gosselin think of having so much attention paid to her hair?

“She thinks it’s funny!” Gibson says.

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