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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss



ANAEMIA: Symptoms: paleness, tiredness, fainting, breathlessness.
Low  Serum ferritin levels / tissue iron stores
HYPOTHYROIDISM : Weight gain, lethargy, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, brittle hair and nails, loss of other body hair and slowness of speech.
HYPERTHYROIDISM: Weight loss with increased appetite, extreme nervousness, eyeball protrusion, oily skin, muscle weakness, fatigue and excessive sweating and constantly feeling warm.
DIABETES: Frequently need to urinate, tiredness, perpetual thirst.
STRESS: Which ever the original reason can be self perpetuating.

The above symptoms cause an interruption of the hair growth cycle. Hair grows for between three and seven years in the Anagen or Growing phase, it then shrinks away from the dermal papilla and enters the Catagen or Changing phase, which lasts two to three weeks. The hair then enters the Telogen or resting phase which lasts for between two to four months.  Two to four months is the time lapse between the symptom or cause and the hair fall.  Normally ten percent of scalp hairs are in the Telogen or resting phase, but they are staggered throughout the scalp, mosaic pattern. When the  growth cycle has been interrupted, forty to fifty percent of the total density can be lost over quite a short period of time.
The important thing to remember is that for every hair lost another will take its place.

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