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Mair Hair Loss Treated

Vadivellloo has been using Vitastim 15% and Biostim 15% together once in the morning and once in the evening for the last 5 months. He has also requested a diet sheet and additional booster treatments to assist the quality of the regrowth hair in the past 2months.

His results are self evident. If you think you look like Vadivellloo in this photographs at the start of treatment in June this year, then you too can achieve these  results within 5 months yourself.

So why not start treatment today at The Hair Centre and start the New Year with a full head of hair.

At the start of treatment JUNE 2009 Today DECEMBER 2009

June 2009 (1)December 2009 (3)

June 2009 (3)December 2009 (2)

June 2009December 2009 (1)

NOW! Hair loss is a thing of the past. TAKE ACTION TODAY and speak to a Westminster Trichologist before it is too late! 

Do you have Hair Loss Problems, read our Hair Loss Help

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