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Man sets record for pulling bus with his hair


LONDON — A 59-year-old man from Leicester broke a new record on Thursday by dragging a doubledecker bus more than 20 meters — by his hair.

The feat was something of a comeback for “Ironman” Manjit Singh, who failed to break the record for pulling a bus with his ears two years ago.

“I will never be discouraged by defeat because I know that success can be waiting around the next corner,” Singh said in London after pulling an 8.5-tonne routemaster some 21.2 metres (69 feet six inches) using only his hair.

“The only way to get there is to try again and stay positive,” he added.


Across the globe thousands of people attempted to break curious world records.

The antics were all in the name of the fifth annual Guinness World Records Day, with hopefuls trying to secure a spot in the next edition of their famous Guinness World Records book.

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that so many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are taking in part in fun, inspirational, courageous and awe-inspiring record attempts,” said editor-in-chief Craig Glenday.

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