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Man Wins Hair Loss Court Case


Generally hair loss is seen as an unfortunate part of growing old, something that can be ignored or panicked over, but a natural part of the aging process. However a Korean soldier has won a court case after he claimed that his hair loss was caused by extreme stress related to his duties.

The military worker first found circular balding in February 2007 and went to a military hospital for treatment However he then discovered that hair was falling out in other parts of his body, such as his eyebrows, armpits and body.

Despite being discharged from the army in November, he said that his hairloss did not improve and then sought legal advice, eventually suing the government.

The court heard that the 27-year-old man was put in charge of the postal exchanges of a land force squadron in September 2006. He described how he was overseeing three postal exchanges and working night and day.

The court found that he was in ‘good condition’ before he was given this responsibility and ruled that it was apparent that an excessive workload caused the hair loss.The Ministry of Patriot and Veteran Affairs were ordered to acknowledge him as a ‘man of national merit’ and pay him a monthly amount to compensate for the hair loss.

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