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NHS Hair Loss Treatments.

Question: Are hair loss treatments available on the NHS?

Answer: Unfortunately the simple answer is no. All of the FDA approved regrowth stimulants are either chargeable by private prescription through a private clinic or practice, as the problem of hair loss is still regarded as a cosmetic problem by the Government funded NHS. Some less effective stimulants are available over the counter. If in doubt seek advice from one of our trichologists.

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One Response to “NHS Hair Loss Treatments.”

  1. katy Says:

    ive recently noticed im shedding more hair than usual, i went to my doctor and she said she thought it was a thyroid problem, ive had a blood test which has come back negative, im on cerasette contraceptive, one of the side effects is hair loss,im going to ask my gp if i can change to dianette, is it likely this could help? im 26 never had this before and dont have any other medical problems.ive also been reading about Spironolactone.would be really grateful for a reply.
    thanks, katy.

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