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Nutritional Effects on Hair Growth


Good nutrition will obviously be beneficial to the body, skin and hair. Regular meals are essential and should contain a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Since most of us eat too many fats and sugar, deficiency of these is extremely rare. A good diet should include white meat or fish, vegetables, fruit, salads, wholemeal grains either rice or bread or pasta. Sugar, chocolate, sweets and cakes, eggs, butter, milk and cheese should be taken only in moderation except for children who need the last four items for calcium content for bone growth.

Excessive or extreme dieting or fasting is dangerous and often causes diffuse hair loss due to changes in the body’s metabolism. This is reversible with sensible dietary advice.


Hair loss is a common symptom of Anorexia Nervosa where people, usually teenage girls, create a distorted self image and starve themselves to achieve this. Bulemia – compulsive eating followed by self induced vomiting has the same effect. In extreme cases excessive body and facial hair may grow due to dysfunction of the adrenal glands.

Since many people in the world are overweight, strenuous dieting often causes a deficiency of carbohydrates, sometimes known as carbohydrate anorexia.

Carbohydrates are used by the body to create energy. Energy input must equal energy output. If you diet, cut down on fats and sugars, carbohydrates are essential. Many women and some men do not bother to have a breakfast. Even eating one slice of toast in the morning can help to solve some diffuse or general hair loss problems.

Buying large quantities of vitamins and minerals is no substitute for a well balanced healthy diet

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