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Hair Loss » Blog » Oprah’s hair dresser of 24 years: Here’s Oprah hair stylist book – Chris Rock talks Andre Walker

Oprah’s hair dresser of 24 years: Here’s Oprah hair stylist book – Chris Rock talks Andre Walker

Chris Rock says Oprah’s hairdresser, Andre Walker, deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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That’s because on Wednesday’s show Chris Rock was on Oprah promoting his highly-anticipated movie, Good Hair, and Chris assumed Oprah’s hair wasn’t all hers.

 So Oprah had Chris Rock feel through everything, her scalp — everything — she lifted it up for him to check.

 He said he’d never done that to a black woman before, all but telling everyone that his wife, Malaak Rock, has a weave — which we already knew.

But back to Oprah’s hair stylist…

Nearly every black woman I know had a copy of Oprah’s hairstylist of 24 years’ book, Andre Talks Hair!, on their shelves — written by Teresa Wiltz, whom I had the pleasure of meeting once at her sister’s home. (Hi Phyllis!)

Anyway, in Oprah’s hair dresser’s book, we all learned that washing African-American hair more often than some black women presumed we should wash it can be good — as well as learning what type of hair we have, and treating it accordingly.

Even though back then in Andre Walker’s book he surmised that too much heat couldn’t harm the hair as long as you condition it deeply and frequently enough, Oprah told Chris Rock that she takes breaks from all the heat styling in the summer and keeps her hair in braids.

Or, Oprah told Chris Rock, she gets the weaves (we all knew the curly one was a weave) or wears wigs on occasion.

Still, Oprah’s hair dresser of 24 years is doing something so right to grow her hair that long.

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