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Hair Loss » Blog » Pixie Geldof ditches her edgy short hairdo for straggly blonde extensions By Dominique Hines

Pixie Geldof ditches her edgy short hairdo for straggly blonde extensions By Dominique Hines

Her edgy short-cropped hairdo has become a signature look for socialite Pixie Geldof.
But every girl fancies a bit of a change now and again.

Just a shame that for Pixie it has come in the form of straggly-looking blonde extensions that even Britney Spears would shudder at.


Hair chameleon: Bob Geldof’s daughter Pixie shows off her new hair extensions as she arrived at BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw’s radio show

Pixie revealed the new do, which thanks to her ponytail showed where the straw-coloured extensions were glued to her natural hair, as she arrived at presenter friend Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 show yesterday.

She looked stony faced as she turned up at the studio wearing a loose-fitting denim jacket, skinny jeans and oversized top, all of which only served to make the new look even more unfortunate.


On the run: Pixie makes a dash for it as she leaves the BBC studios perhaps not pleased to be snapped with her dishevelled locks


Straggly: Pixie was sporting hair extensions that even Britney Spears would shudder at

Perhaps Pixie felt she had no choice but to opt for hair extensions to cover  what looked like a bald patches in her hair when she was photographed last month.

But Pixie is clearly not comfortable with them as a solution as she seemed at pains to hide her new look from awaiting paparazzi.
After the show, she was seen departing by the back door and getting into a taxi with Nick before speeding off to a mini market in Highbury, North London to buy cereal.

The 19-year-old, who like her well known sister Peaches has no discernible talents, has been signed by top model agency Next.

She has been praised by various fashion magazines for her ‘daring’ sense of style and not succumbing to the average flowing-haired conventional female celebrity look.

But perhaps Pixie does want to seem more ordinary now after all.


Better suited: Pixie with her usual look as she turned up for the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince in Leicester Square last month

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