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Scalp Surgery On Scar Tissue.

Question: I have an unsightly scar on the side of my head approximately 6 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Is there anyway of repairing this area with hair? I tend to wear my hair short and I am very conscious about it.

Answer: Scalp scarring can be very difficult to deal with. I assume that the scar you are talking about is not related to hair surgery. The management of scars is not well understood by many doctors because they generally do not look at the hair solutions that are, at times, critical in the final repair of the scars. Neurosurgery scars, accident scars, burn scars and the like require specialized knowledge of the scalp’s ability to heal in the area treated and the direction and location of the scar determine much of the outcome. Many scalp scars may have come with good medical care, so one has to think differently about scalp scars: what will make the next treatment better than the last one?

Email me a photo and be sure that the scar location is clearly shown. Your confidentiality will be assured. My email address is

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