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Stress and diets can cause hair loss


Old wives tale: Worry will make you lose your hair?  Ture or false?

We lose about 100 to 120 hairs a day. Sudden changes like yoyo dieting and stress can lead to temporary and permanent hair loss.

The world of Cinema and Music with its stars have raised the standard for hair BIG HAIR but to maintain those long lustrous locks you have got to eat correctly.

Fad and crash diets and cleansing diets are all robbing your body of the natural nutrients you need and can lead to hair loss. This will cause your hair follicles to go into a resting phase and in turn the natural progression then is that they would fall out and shed dramatically. Too much stress in your life will cause you to see more hair clogging up the shower drain. You may be suffereing from physical stress or it could be emotional stress. Even the climate with these all to common extreme weather changes can play there part on your premature hair loss.

Of course when you’re stressed you use medication, tagamet causes hair loss, there is a lot of cholesterol lowering drugs are known to cause hair loss. The worrying thing is these can all be bought over the counter. Many of these drugs say that hair loss is a side effect when using them, so make sure you read the warning label and information provided in the packet.

How do you I know if I am losing hair?

Do a Trichological test. Try the pull test. Take a couple small group of hairs and then just pull very lightly. If none come out your fine. If you get more than five hairs then that would be abnormal. Next step is to see a Westminster Trichologist. 

You will probably have to lose at least 25% of your hair before you see any change in your overal appearance cosmetically. When your hair falls out there is a rest phase of between 3 to 6 months and then it can take up to another six months for your hair to grow back to where was before you had a problem.

It is very important not to just leave this problem and think that you know best so seek advice immediately if you are even slightly concerned. You don’t want it to go on for more than six months or it could lead to permanent hair loss, and this must be avoided at all costs.

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