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Male Hair Loss

Hair Loss » Blog » The bald facts: Smokers risk hair loss – as well as fatal illnesses.

The bald facts: Smokers risk hair loss – as well as fatal illnesses.

By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor
Published: 26 November 2007

Smoking is known to make your legs fall off. Now, it appears, it makes your hair fall out, too – and possibly for the same reasons.

A study of Asian men, renowned for hanging on to their hair compared with follically-challenged Europeans and Americans, found puffing on cigarettes can hasten male hair loss.

Smoking is known to accelerate ageing and is associated with facial wrinkles and grey hair. It is also causes a dozen different kinds of cancer and heart disease and damages circulation.

But none of this counts for much with the average red- blooded male – at least not as much as maintaining a healthy head of hair. Unlike grey hair and wrinkled skin, baldness is harder to treat and harder to disguise. Doctors see the latest discovery as a potentially valuable weapon in the battle to persuade smokers to give up.

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