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The results of a customer satisfaction survey carried out support the fact that our Hair Centre provides a very professional service.

The Hair Centre London is a national and worldwide leader in hair solutions, developed a customer satisfaction survey in 2011 among its clientele to analyze areas where improvements could be made. This type of study, being developed for us by independent consultants, guarantees absolute objectivity in the results as well as the confidentiality of those surveyed.

One of the main things about The Hair Centre London that makes the company stand out is the promise to always offer the first consultation for free, a tangible extra that without a doubt also influences the level of customer satisfaction.

The results obtained from the analysis were outstanding. For example, 94 % of the customers were satisfied with their experience at The Hair Centre (94% of the women and 94% of the men). From this it can be deduced that these satisfied clients have improved their hair loss problems through specific hair treatments, such as using a trichological hair care program over  12 months, or in cases of advanced alopecia, resorting to a systems of hair replacement without surgery.


Why devise a satisfaction survey if we are already leaders in the market? The answer is very simple: in order to continue offering the best possible service, it was necessary to discover areas where improvements could be made. In addition, it is of extreme importance to listen periodically to the preferences and concerns clients have in order to take the appropriate action. This is especially true when dealing with a subject like healthy hair.

Once the objective of the study was defined, it was time to begin asking the clients.


The study was drawn from a total of 265 interviews among clients from The Hair Centre in London.

The public surveyed were a perfect representation of The Hair Centre clientele. The sample was made up of a gender distribution of 38% males as opposed to 62% females. With regard to age groups, 20% were up to 30 years old, 43% between 31 and 40 years old, 18% older than 41 years old, and one fourth of the sample were above this age.

As with all statistical studies, the supervision of the data was of great importance in order to validate the information gathered. A group of customers were randomly selected to confirm that the data in their questionnaires was in fact true.


And from the study to the conclusions – results notably demonstrate the value of the work developed by The Hair Centre London to save the beauty and health of hair of customers throughout Europe.


91% of the clients have a good or very good overall level of satisfaction with regard to The Hair Centre services.

92% of the clients consider the attention received by the Trichologists to be good or very good.

On evaluating if the customer would recommend The Hair Centre within a scale of 1 to 10, an average high score was obtained 8.2.

92% of the women that received treatment from The Hair Centre consider the quality of the treatment received to be good to very good.

The quality of the products used scored positively.

98% of the trichological treatment customers consider the attention received by the technical staff to be good or very good.


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