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Thyroid Gland Triggers Post-Delivery Hair Loss

Healthcare researchers have found that the cause behind women suffering hair loss after the delivery of their children is the presence of a tiny butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the throat. This gland is responsible for the majority of metabolism in the body.


When this gland gets twisted, it gives way to a number of problems. In case of severe hair fall post-delivery, hyperthyroidism occurs within the body of a female, which is resultant of excessive pressure imposed on the glands in producing the hormones, which in turn speeds up the metabolism.

According to Dr. Roland Chieng, a consultant at Roland Chieng Fertility and Women Care, hyperthyroidism is caused by Graves’ disease in 95% of the women. The disease weakens the defence system of the body. The defence system attacks the thyroid, forcing it to secrete excessive hormones.

These conditions lead to complications, including heart attacks.

On the other end of band of thyroid dysfunction lies hypothyroidism, which takes place when the thyroid doesn’t secrete sufficient hormones and a sloth hits the metabolism.

Dr. Chia Su-Ynn, a consultant endocrinologist and physician at The Endocrine Clinic, said that there is a lack of awareness on the types of thyroid disorders.

“The symptoms may be mistaken for a lot of other conditions like obesity, depression, anxiety or other stress-related symptoms,” she said.

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