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New Hair Loss Treatment

A topical anti-hair loss treatment of modified marine origin, demonstrated to be highly effective in the prevention and production of premature hair loss.

Apply daily to the scalp with gentle massage.

Tricho-peptide contains a new molecule CLA Glutathione combined with sodium DNA, with very high biologic activity. At the scalp level the potent anti free radical activity of the tricho-peptide counteracts the degeneration of the connective tissue around the hair bulbs in cases of androgenetic alopecia. Tricho-peptide is a powerful anti oxidant and free radical inhibitor that enhances cell repair and regeneration, which tests showed could act as a regulator of the hair loss process.

Tests on anagen hair follicles treated with tricho-peptide for three months showed a 40.00% improvement on anti hair loss activity compared with a control group treated with Minoxydil over the same period where the improvement was less at 17.60%.

Tricho-peptide is a potent anti oxidant and free radical inhibitor which can act as a regulator of the bio chemical hair loss process.





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  1. kessar Says:

    hi does the CLA Glutathione/sodium DNA treatment cause any sort of shedding when starting the treatmen? as is the case with most hair loss treatments, there is a shedding period for the first few weeks.

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