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Hair Loss » Blog » Victoria Beckham claims the Alice band as her hair-raising new trademark look

Victoria Beckham claims the Alice band as her hair-raising new trademark look


The Alice band is officially back in vogue. How do we know? Because career fashionista Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing one every other time she leaves the house.

She favours the embellished band, adorned with crystals, lace or rhinestone, but she is not above a good old fashioned plain black Alice band (though of course hers is by Miu Miu and costs an eye-watering £100).

Filming the American Idol auditions last week, she topped off her show-stopping red dress (by her own label, naturally) with a wide, black lace headband.

Bandy around: At last week’s American Idol auditions Victoria wore a wide lace hairband, and out in New York this week she sported a beribboned, embellished version

Out in LA for son Cruz’s birthday, she matched a navy hairband embellished with ribbon and crystals to another one of her own creations.
And again last week, landing at LAX airport in LA after a long transatlantic flight, Victoria pulled her hair back from her face with a leopard-print hairband.

It’s a look that Victoria has, over the past few months, snatched from schoolgirls and resolutely made her own.
It’s very much her modus operandi: when Victoria adopts a trend, she doesn’t do things by halves. She wears it faithfully until it’s firmly entrenched in our minds as ‘her’ look (the uber-high stiletto worn as daywear? Balmain’s statement shoulder for autumn/winter? The slinky dress? Hell, she even ‘owns’ fake-tanned, globe-like bosoms and a skeletal physique).

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“But be careful of getting TRACTION ALOPECIA this is hair loss caused by constant tension on the hair, such as that created by an Alice band or over-tight ponytail, plaiting or through using too tight rollers to style the hair. Wearing an Alice band can cause the following: The action of pulling on the hair over a long period of time results in the gradual shrinking of the hair follicle and so the hairs produced become finer and finer in the front hairline particularly.” Says leading trichologist Gary Heron.

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