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WADA removes hair-loss drug Finasteride from banned list

PARIS (AFP)  A popular hair-loss drug known for its parallel use as a masking agent for other banned substances has been taken off the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list, WADA said Monday.

Finasteride, usually prescribed to slow the process of hair loss, has been removed from WADA’s 2009 banned list because scientists can now more easily detect the drugs it can be used to mask.

It was added to the banned list in 2005 after research carried out at a Cologne, Germany laboratory revealed that it can mask the use of certain steroids, including nandrolone.

WADA’s chief of medical research, Olivier Rabin, said at the time “science did not allow laboratories to reliably circumvent the masking properties of finasteride and other alpha reductase inhibitors.”

He added: “The masking effect of alpha reductase inhibitors remains. However following recent advances in anti-doping science, anti-doping laboratories have now been able to render it ineffective through close consideration of steroid profiles.

“As a result WADA agreed that this class of substances can now be removed from the List starting on January 1, 2009.”

In the past four years around a dozen athletes have tested positive for finasteride, neither of whom possessed a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the medical authorities that would have allowed them to escape sanctions.

In 2007 Brazilian footballer Romario was banned 120 days for testing positive for finasteride. He claimed he had taken the drug to prevent hair loss.

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