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Wayne Rooney Using Propecia Say NOTW

Written by Richard Simmons


Wayne has taken good advice from doctors Word on the street is that the Manchester United striker and England team player Wayne Rooney has had enough of being called a slap head by fans and teammates and has taken steps to do something about his early male pattern baldness. Despite being only 23 years old Wayne has considerable hair loss which is not commonplace for someone of his age as normally it rarely appears before the age of 30.

Wayne has taken good advice from doctors who have prescribed him the hair loss drug Propecia manufactured by the drug company Merck. Propecia is statistically the best hair loss medication on the market today to deal with male pattern baldness.

In fact Wayne Rooney is extremely lucky because the World Anti Doping Authority have only just taken Propecia off the list of banned drugs for professional sportsman after many complaints that this effective hair loss drug was not a performance enhancing drug and thus should be allowed to be used by all professional players.

There were previously concerns that Propecia could disguise the use of anabolic steroids because it has an effect on dihydrotestosterone which is the main reason for male pattern baldness. The news of Wayne Rooney’s use of Propecia was broken by the News of the World newspaper and has not yet been denied by Wayne and is therefore deemed to be true. Propecia is used by around 5 million men worldwide and is taken in the form of a simple tablet every day. Men like using Propecia because it does not involve using complicated lotions and tonics which must be applied to the scalp.

Wayne Rooney will probably not notice sudden hair regrowth but the drug is likely to stop any further hair loss. In some cases however Propecia does regrow hair and the sooner you use it the better. Wayne would probably have liked to have used Propecia last year but it was still banned by the World Anti Doping Authority.

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