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Hair Loss » Blog » Weaves, Extensions & “Creamy Crack”: Chris Rock’s Good Hair Trailer

Weaves, Extensions & “Creamy Crack”: Chris Rock’s Good Hair Trailer

As previously mentioned, Chris Rock has a new documentary, Good Hair, which delves into the cultural pressures and identity issues that come with having “black hair.” This star-studded trailer looks equally funny and sad:

The premise of the film came from Rock’s own daughter, who asked him why she didn’t have “good” hair. It looks like Rock talked to both men and women, celebrities and regular folks, for a spectrum of viewpoints. On question: Would any of the stunningly beautiful women in the clip — Salt N Pepa; Raven-Symone; Meagan Good; Nia Long — be celebrities if they had natural hair?

Coincidentally, there is a debate going on over a YouTube video called “Nappy Ass Hair,” in which someone is seen (violently?) trying to comb out a little girl’s hair. NPR’s Dani Tucker notes: “Hair grooming is still a painful, or brutal, experience for too many young women of color.” But isn’t that because forcing black hair to fit a certain mold that is “acceptable” and “professional” in a white-dominated world is always going to be a struggle?

YouTube Preview Image

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