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Welcome to The Hair Centre


Thank you for visiting us at The Hair Centre for Hair Research. We hope the information you obtain from this site and it’s blog will be helpful in dealing with your hair loss problem.

The Hair Centre for Hair Research was established in 1999, and is based in central London at 10 Greycoat Place, London England.

Our aim is to combine scientific and trichological skills to promote research into hair biology and hair growth mechanisms and to design and produce world class hair care and hair treatment products.


A number of scientific papers have been published and the company specialises in the cause, mechanism and treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia (common baldness) in both men and women. All the company products are designed and produced in the United Kingdom and supplied only to specialised hair treatment centres worldwide.

To further this aim the company promotes education and technology exchange and is dedicated to the availability of accurate scientific knowledge covering all aspects of hair biology and hair loss.

Thank you for visiting us. Don’t forget new research and better results are being found all the time so please come back and keep yourself up to date.


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