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What Is Natural Hair Loss? Am I Going Bald?

We each have about 100,000 hairs on the scalp and it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs from the head each day.

Hair is made in tiny pouches in the skin called hair follicles. Most scalp hairs last three years and grow 1cm a month.

After about three years, each hair on the scalp comes to the end of its life and falls out. The hair follicle rests for a short while and then makes a new hair.


Hair loss is thought to affect 10 million men and eight million women in the UK, but there are no definitive figures available.

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When it’s time to see the Trichologist: If you begin losing hair rapidly, and or are cosmetically concerned about baldness, consult your Trichologist about treatment options. You can receive a free hair loss consultation with a Westminster Trichologist at our Hair Centre.

The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

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