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What is the normal life cycle of a hair?

Answer: Hair is made in tiny pockets in the skin called hair follicles. Each scalp hair has a normal life cycle. Most scalp hairs last about three years and grow about 1 cm a month. After a period of time: approximately three years, each hair on the scalp comes to the end of its life cycle and falls out. The hair follicle rests for a short while. It then starts to generate a new hair.

All the hairs on the scalp are at different stages in their life cycle. At any one time about 1 in 100 scalp hairs are at the end of their life cycle and are ready to fall out. This is why you will commonly find a few hairs on your shoulders and pillow, and some hairs fall out each time you wash your hair: on average about 80 to 120 a day can be seen by the naked eye.

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