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What is Tretinoin? Does It Prevent Hair Loss?

Question: What is Tretinoin?

Answer: Tretinoin is the generic term for Retin A, a vitamin A derivative. Tretinoin was first used with Minoxidil back in the 1980′s as an early but reasonably effective hair regrowth stimulant. The two medications were blended together for early testing of topical application for hair loss and were FDA approved before the advent of Regaine over the counter. Tretinoin causes heavy scaling and dandruff amongst all patients and was quickly superseded by the next generation of private prescription drugs which used a combination theraphy on Minoxidil plus MPG (Medroxyprogestrone).

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2 Responses to “What is Tretinoin? Does It Prevent Hair Loss?”

  1. anoop Says:

    hi .why to combine minoxidil with mpg. use of medroxyprogestrone. hope u will reply

  2. Gary Says:

    Because from experience this is the very best combination of treatments when using a Minoxidil based lotion for hair regrowth and the stabilisation of hair loss.

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