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Hair Loss » Blog » X Factor 2009: John and Edward Grimes’ hair takes over Britain.

X Factor 2009: John and Edward Grimes’ hair takes over Britain.


X Factor twins John and Edward and their vote-winning hair

Irish twins John and Edward topped the public vote on X Factor last week, despite a noticeable lack of genuine talent. Is their towering hair their secret weapon?

David and Victoria Beckham could pass for an 80s synth-pop duo

Given their position at the cutting edge of fashion, surely it’s only a matter of time before we see Posh and Becks with J&E quiffs – matching ‘dos might become the latest celeb fad. Plus, having tried just about everything else, Becks must be running out of tonsorial options by now!


Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell probably couldn’t pull off the ‘Jedward’
Louis once said that Simon went for plastic surgery, so why not go all-out for youth with a crazy-kid hairstyle? It might also help balance out Simon’s high-trousered look.

 As for Louis, we think the quaff highlights his cherubic little features.


Princes William and Harry: ‘hairs’ apparent
Well, let’s face facts, Wills is losing it, so putting a wall of hair in front of that dwindling thatch is a step in the right direction. Harry, on the other hand, merely looks like he’s just snorted a few vodka shots.


Gordon Brown and David Cameron: anything to win the young voters
This makes Gordon Brown look like one of those troll dolls from the 80s, while David Cameron looks like the lost member of Spandau Ballet. Still, if it won all those public votes for John and Edward, we could soon see these barnets battling it out in Parliament.


Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger: different managers, same styles
Looks like Fergie’s been practising his famous ‘half-time hair-dryer treatment’ in the mirror for too long, while aerodynamic Arsene has clearly been standing in a wind tunnel.


Katie Price and Peter Andre: splitting hairs
Could a trip to the salon be just the thing to bring Katie and Peter back together? If they both had this hairstyle and butted heads like they have been, it would take more than divorce to separate them.

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