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Andre Agassi’s Hair Farewell. Agassi Prayed His Wig Wouldn’t Fall Off In French Open Final


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More evidence about the distress that the legendary tennis player Andre Agassi went through when his hair started to fall out has been revealed in his recently published autobiography. It now appears that he did make use of a wig before giving up and deciding to shave his head. He talks frankly about the panic that his hair loss caused him and how he felt that every time a bit of hair fell out it was “a piece of my identity”.


In the book he admits how his specially designed hairpiece started to disintegrate just before his first Grand Slam final. He said that in 1990 just before the French Open Final he and his brother started to stick the hairpiece together a using lots of clips as a last resort solution. He contemplated not playing with it but he knew that everybody would have known that the day before he had been wearing a hairpiece.


Aware that he was going to be seen by millions of people the next day all over the globe he said that he was not praying for victory but praying that his improvised hairpiece wouldn’t fall off in the middle of the game humiliating him. He mentions how he would imagine his hairpiece falling off in the middle of the game and millions of people staring wide-eyed at the TV and in shock at the image.

Andre Agassi’s problem was compounded by the fact that his long mullet style hair was so much a part of his identity and who he felt he was, and so losing it was particularly traumatic. If you are aware that your hair could fall out in the future, (it tends to run in the family) you should try and cut it short and shorter so that the hair loss is not so obvious when it finally occurs.

Andre Agassi is one of the most successful tennis players ever and developed a new image after shaving his head. He won eight Grand Slam finals over his career.


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