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Hair loss after pregnancy

I have recently given birth and my baby is 3 month old. I am experiencing some hair lost problem. I am told this is temporary due to the hormone changes in my body but I kind of worry as I generally do not have thick hair. Can you advise me what can I do to reduce the hair fall lost during this period.

During pregnancy, because of hormonal changes, your hair is probably at its best.The growth (Anagen) stage is normally prolong. Henceforth after childbirth, the hormonal changes reverse back, thus the accumulated amount of hair falls; that should have fallen during pregnancy. The hair that are due to fall, will fall, but your concern should be on the regrowth. Clean, healthy scalp with balanced diet would help, however, telephone and speak directly to one of our Trichologist in The Hair Centre for advise and they will assist to strengthen and nourish hair roots, giving your hair the best texture.

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